WhatsApp Video Invitations

Whether be a wedding, baby shower, birthday celebration, or tombstone unveiling, when you have a grand event to do, the Whatsapp Video Invitations that you send to your guests say a lot about what they can expect at the event. Let me make a Whatsapp Video Invitation for your event.

The Video invitation is R300.

This is how I work, for you to get Whatsapp Video Invitation, you need to send me the event’s details, and pictures, as many as you want, so that I can have enough to chose from to make your Whatsapp Video Invitation very beautiful, though I’m not going to use them all for your Whatsapp Video Invitation. And I normally finish Whatsapp Video Invitation within hours and I will be communicating with you through out the process of creating Whatsapp Video Invitation, if there’s going to be a delay, I’ll also indicate to you.

I hope all is clear and I’m open to answer any questions..
So get your Whatsapp video invitation by sending whatsapp message here: 072 5961 254. .

Turn-around time to get your video is few hours. Please view the video below to see some of the work we have done.

Wedding Video Invitation

Wedding Video Invitation Without Images

Adults Birthday Celebration Video Invitation

Baby Shower Video Invitation

Umembeso Video Invitation

Kids Birthday Video Invitation

21st Birthday Celebration Video Invitation

Memorial Service Or Tombstone Unveiling Video Invite